William Amadeo Benedikt Slee

…or, as I like to call him, WABS. Or Willy. Or Ben Slee.

Valiy was one of the first girls I ever shot (back when she was merely 6 months pregnant, but looked full-term! Never seen anything like it before!) when I was just starting out as a photographer. Actually, if my memory serves me correctly, she was the first paid gig I booked. And since then, this tiny brunette beauty has been a staunch supporter of mine, constantly referring me to everyone from her own sister to other pregnant women or new mommies in the city. So it goes without saying that not only is Valentina Slee a milestone client of mine, but also a gemstone of a gal.

I arrived at Casa Slee on Hatton Road, eager to meet the little (er…long) guy. MegaSlee, we’d been referring to him as. And I was not disappointed. WABS was (is) ALL man, from his masculine baby physique to how he would flex his mini-guns for me every other shot.

This was a quick shoot, and a half-pleasure visit as well, so when I wasn’t busy snapping away, I got to catch up with sweet Valiy and sip espresso, paired lovingly with a delicious jam tart, freshly made.

Again, I really love what I do. Happy days!

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