The Well-Dressed Workout

It’s interesting to step back and note how my photographic journey has evolved since I began doing this 5 months ago. Whoa. Hang on a second here…it’s only been 5 months? From shooting pregnant friends of mine (who have since given birth and are now all proud new mommies, gosh how time flies!) free of charge to running a viable and sustainable business in kids and family photography, and having my own exhibit of black-and-white yoga portraiture, I now find myself being labelled “the yoga photographer,” or perhaps more fitting would be “the yogi’s photographer.”

I suppose it’s only natural that I transitioned into this realm of photography, seeing as how yoga is such a big part of my life, and lifestyle. It certainly helps to know what the poses are supposed to look like when you’re behind the lens. I’m still working on what exactly it is that I’m doing here, because it’s not just the asanas that I’m capturing, but a combination of that, plus the outfit (fitness fashion/fashionable fitness, trending? Discuss.) and of course the backdrop of a global city, which allows for so much creativity when it comes to the composition of the actual photograph…

For now, we’ll call it yoga photography (or yogatography, as I’ve dubbed it) but I am not going to limit myself to such a label. It’s much more than that. Yoga is the essence, but I’m learning that there is much more expression to be made with what I’m doing here. Excited to see where this takes me…

Anyway. ENOUGH ABOUT ME. More about Morgan.

We met at the studio years ago…I think. When you’ve been going to the same yoga studio for years, you make friends on the mat who become friends off the mat. It was hard not to notice this girl’s distinct style, practice, and beauty in class, and it wasn’t long before we started chatting. Now she’s just Morgan who I see at Pure Yoga almost every day, around Sheung Wan or at Salon No. 10, and chat with over WhatsApp.

I shot her doing beautiful back bends around the wet market in Central as part of the yoga-inspired project-cum-exhibit I’d mentioned above. And it was around that time when she began to carve this persona for herself over Instagram (and a soon-to-be blog, stay tuned for that!) under the moniker @thewelldressedworkout. Go ahead and follow her! Worth it.

The photos below are from a quick shoot we did in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park earlier this week. Girl knows how to work the camera. Same bright blue Nike top, only did one minor change of the bottoms and removal of the rad sneaks. Amazing luck with the overcast sky. I’m SO happy with the way these images turned out…a nice kick-start to the half-dozen other yoga shoots I have lined up in the coming weeks!

Watch this space.

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