The G.O.A.T. Bleats

I still remember taking my first yoga class at Pure Central here in Hong Kong; a friend of mine took me to Claudia (“She’s so hot!”)’s class, and I instantly fell for her.

Fast forward to 2.5 years later, when we were already friends off the mat and outside the studio, and I would be a witness to her instant attraction (coupled with a reciprocated out-of-this-world excitement) for her friend’s brother who was in town from Bali for the weekend; 3 years later, when they would be engaged and then wed in an intimate ceremony at a beautiful studio in Wong Chuk Hang surrounded by their Hong Kong yoga family; 3.5 years later when a honeymoon road trip across America resulted in positive pregnancy news, and now, 4 years into the friendship, meeting the miracle that is Bodhi Blue Nogoy.

How blessed I feel on this grey Friday afternoon to have been a part of such a whirlwind of events in this special person’s life, having watched her meet her other half, fall in love, get married, continue to fall in love, create this amazing little creature, and now fall in love all over again in a whole new way.

I love you, Claudia (and Jason and Bodhi Blue)!

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