Sliced Cheese

(Long title: “The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Cheese”)

“What is…what I do to feed myself sliced cheese?”


“I’ll take ‘Cheddar’ for $400.”

That was me playing Jeopardy with…myself. (“Allow myself to introduce…myself.” Pretty sure I’m quoting Austin Powers to nobody right now. Moving on.)

Today was a good day. One of those days. We’re all lucky enough to have them sometimes.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, but no matter, since I had to meet Miko and Liv (of Stretch City fame) at Cheung Kong Centre early (9:00 a.m. is early for me) anyway. So off I went with two bags under my eyes and two bags (one in each arm) to Shoot #1 of the day. I’d only met Liv the day before (in town on a work trip, she’s based in Singapore), but she’s a quick and easy one to adore; a beauty not only on the outside, but on the inside too…what you would call a dime a dozen, I suppose. Instant love and comfort with her. We spent just under three hours trekking from Li Ka-shing’s headquarters to that small park off Man Hing Lane beneath Hollywood Road where old Chinese people like to hang out. Not to sound crass, but that’s the truth.
I had SUCH a great time walking, talking, and snapping away (somehow even managing to squeeze in a spontaneous, AC-inspired pit stop at Starbucks where we exchanged stories about our respective Saturn Returns, as predicted by Gahl Sasson) with Liv, and got SO many great photos of her. How could I not? Look at her. Well, look at the one photo from the shoot I’m giving you a sneak peek from below. More to come in the next week or two, once we’ve finalized our selection.

Somehow managed to make my usual lunchtime yoga class which was taught by Wendy today, in which I held handstand for (I kid you not) 10 seconds. That’s big time for me. I’m basically a professional upside-down person now.

My “work” day was bookended with Shoot #2, courtesy of my fave stranger, Sam Gellman, who is Mr. Uber Hong Kong. I was so caught up in my editing of Shoot #1 that I hadn’t even showered when he casually informed me that he was on his way over. Great. Thanks for the head’s up…and for being 20 minutes early. Haha. Anyway, we somehow managed to squeeze in a solid 45-minute shoot (in the blazing heat of the setting sun) up on The Peak; I shot him, he shot me, we both shot the car. It was pretty straightforward, but enjoyable nonetheless. Can’t complain about being able to work with someone you’ve known for almost 5 years (back in the dodgeball days…when I worked at G.O.D. and he worked at Goldman Sachs) on a gorgeous evening with a gorgeous view in a gorgeous city.

(I’ve included just one photo from the shoot below. Am going to leave it up to the Uber HK folks to scatter the rest as they see fit across the web and through their various social media platforms.)

It wasn’t long before Gellman needed sugar, so off we went to Market Place by Jasons on The Peak and between us, we bought everything from $5 Naked juices (down from $38! Weird, I know. If this is my last-ever blog post, you’ll know why!) to snow peas (which we munched on in the car) to SLICED CHEDDAR CHEESE, hence the theme of this blog post.

There was something really understated and perfect about riding home in an Uber with my old friend Sam Gellman, snow peas crunching away in our happy little mouths, winding down the beautiful curves of Victoria Peak, and just feeling so happy about having spent the entire day doing things I love (with really great people).

So in conclusion, what exactly is the greatest thing since sliced cheese then? (Wait a second, isn’t it supposed to be sliced bread? Oh well.) The answer: what I did today, and what I do which I love. It’s not a job. It’s just what I do to feed myself.

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