Six Out of Seven Ain’t Bad

What. A. Week.

If this momentum keeps up for the next month or so (clearly aiming high here, haha), I’ll be one happy little cookie.

It’s 12:33 a.m. on a Sunday night (technically Monday morning) and I’m forcing myself to write a new blog post because I’ve been meaning to for the past seven days now…it’s just been bam-bam-bam, back-to-back-to-back etc. shoots and what, with this whole “life balance” thing and trying to keep an active social life (not counting the two nights I stayed at home and ate dinner with my grandma…) I have just not been able to find the small amount of time and FOCUS it requires to write a new entry on this blog that I think only one or two people actually read.

(BTW, experiment/favour/request here: IF you are one of these two special people who reads my blog or is reading this right now, please email me via the CONTACT section and let me know…just so I have a good idea of how many people I’m reaching and how many hearts I’m touching, ha ha. Obviously millions.)

So thanks to Fat Freddy’s Drop for keeping me musical company while I write this. Here goes:

  • (Last) Sunday, I assisted my good friend/soul(pops) sister, May, at a Lululemon/Design Market-hosted outdoor class TO LIVE MUSIC yoga class at PMQ. LATER that day, my friends Marcin, Jason (my new male muse; more on that in a sec) and I went to the Tai Tam Reservoir and did some (illegal) dipping via backflips (not me, I tiptoed my way down a ladder into the water) and managed to get the self-timer working on my camera in order to catch the shot below of all three of us in various, interesting-looking handstands! Ha.
  • Monday, I shot another friend, the hazel-eyed babe Kalina King, in the shipping yard over in Kennedy Town. Almost got chased out but we managed to scurry around like little hamsters, capturing shots here and there. BEAUTIFUL place for yoga portraits, what with the stacks upon stacks of bamboo, the colourful containers, and all the boats surrounding the area.
  • Tuesday was spent in Shek O with another friend and fellow (Ana Forrest-trained) yogi, Jen. It was her territory, so by her suggestion we walked around the Village, stopping to shoot wherever we felt inspired, bearing certain poses in mind. The photo of her from the back with her hair flying in the wind, rocking that hot Lululemon bra…is SO California beach babe. Absolutely adore that image.
  • Wednesday, I finally made it out to Lamma Island to shoot the bubbly, beautiful Justyn AND her hubby AND their freakin’ adorable baby, Daniela…who is so sweet and poodgie (a word I made up JUST to describe her) and has the softest little feet. These photos speak for themselves.
  • Thursday was spent with my MALE MUSE, the handstand-tastic and forever-photogenic, Mr. Reason. I had this grand vision of him doing a handstand surrounded by monkeys (as earlier that day, someone suggested we shoot on Monkey Hill out in Kam Shan Country Park in Kowloon) but that didn’t happen, though we DID make it out to see the monkeys. The money shots were taken in Sham Shui Po, where the plethora of haberdasheries, colourful signs and old buildings make it impossible to take a bad shot. By anyone’s standards.
  • Friday, I HAD A DAY OFF! Whee!
  • Saturday, I shot May (I think this must have been the 4th or 5th time I had seen her in just as many days, dating back to the previous Sunday when I assisted her…not only did we catch each other at the studio, but I had been over at her place not even 24 hours before this shoot, for Shabbat dinner! Ha!) in and around Pokfulam. She’s my Princess Jasmine, tick-tocking inspo.
  • Today, SUNDAY, was magical. Made it over to another friend, Kanch’s place to take newborn (and family) portraits of her one-month old, fcking GORGEOUS little boy, Blai (named after a Catalan saint). When her high-energy hubby, Albert, wasn’t busy dancing with Blai to James Brown, this spoiled peanut was surrounded by ALL FOUR grandparents who were singing to him and doting on him like he was the last baby on earth. I almost cried during the shoot…it happens. He is LOVED in every capacity of the word.

Sorry for the short-form. I’m sleepy. Enjoy the photos! This has been an AMAZING week for me, and I just wanted to share some goodies with you all.

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