Into The Blue

I’d seen Lise around the studio over the last couple of years before we actually formally met on the morning of our shoot; a rare occurrence for me, as regular yoga practitioners at Pure Centrium over the last few years have all become acquaintances (at the very least) and friends (at the very best) of mine eventually. So, with this exception made and covered for, we gave each other a hug at Wagyu Lounge and then hopped into a cab together. Destination? Shek O!

It was overcast in Central, but the second we stepped out of the red taxi and onto the pavement by the beach, we were greeted with blazing hot sunshine. Suffice it to say, the yoga clothes quickly came off and were replaced with a bright bikini, see pictures below.

Instead of running around the village, we stayed put. Literally. In one patch of sand the entire time, ha! Was great. Made things a lot easier for both of us, that’s for sure. One sandy patch, five or six different angles, no problem. Shoot went off fairly quickly, and Lise was a total trooper, working with the crashing waves (resulting in sinking hands and feet, and hair all over the place) and uneven foundation to make all these poses you see work for both model and photographer…all the while, managing to look absolutely stunning.

So, I may or may not have had the foresight (hehe) to bring MY bathing suit along as well. What you can’t see is me, behind the lens, in my itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, LEOPARD PRINT (not yellow polka dot) bikini. And once we were through with business, you can bet your tooshies that we got straight into the water and floated around under the clear blue sky and bright sun for almost an hour, just talking…

It was SUCH a great morning. I’m so grateful to be doing what I do, and thanks to Lise for supporting my business and for being such a cooperative model. It was truly a pleasure to get to know this half-Thai, half-American beauty off the mat like this.

Namaste, Mermaid.

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