How I Fell In Love with Baby Mila

I will take a quick second to speak modestly and explain that, while I have always enjoyed photography (never in front of but behind the lens, and of course I am a huge admirer of the works of others such as Tierney Gearon) it was never something I pursued full-time. For the past two months, that is exactly what I have been doing. Baby Mila Chan was the first newborn (under 3 months old) that I shot, and you know what they say about firsts…

Veronica is the sister of Valentina, whose pregnant belly I shot when I was just getting my feet wet in this business; Valiy was so happy with her photos that Vero asked if I would take some family portraits for her.

I went over to Veronica’s lovely home in Shouson Hill (my new go-to spot if I ever move house in Hong Kong) where I was greeted by two big dogs, a high-energy four-year old donning a Superman cape around his head, and the sweetest little angel, Mila.

The hours I spent with Veronica, Roger, Angelo, and Mila were intimate and precious, a combination of all eyes on Mila and lollipop bribery. I feel blessed that I was able to witness such a special time in all of their lives with the recent addition of this beautiful baby girl to the Chan family.

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