A Very Good Friday with Veronica

I was lucky enough to book a couple of shoots over the Easter holidays; I was even luckier that one of those shoots happened to be across the street from where I live in Happy Valley. Literally across the street. I think it took me all of 26 seconds to get there, from door to door. Just one of those fun little things!

With two weeks to go, my (newly discovered) neighbour, Veronica was looking to get some simple, mostly B&W portraits taken of her pregnant belly. I spent two hours at her place, chatting and clicking away while the sun shone brightly outside, casting big rays of light through the living room curtains — perfect!

As I learned about Veronica and her Korean upbringing in Germany, having met her husband, Mike in Vienna, and the importance of living life to the fullest before having children, I managed to snag some great shots of her baby bump. There was even a moment when I was focusing my lens and caught the little guy moving!

Can’t wait to meet you, Maximilian! Definitely a footballer-in-the-making…

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