A Morning with Fé

I first met Fé Valvekens (A Day with Fé) two months ago at the Marriott Café to discuss her idea to shoot some black and white portraits of girls doing various yoga poses around Hong Kong wearing her soft and über-feminine clothing. We are presently three days away from the event we have spent countless hours of our time and energy on, and I could not be more excited…or grateful.

So imagine my (good) surprise when, amidst all of the planning and back-and-forth emailing/texting about the details of this Thursday’s “With Love From Hong Kong” fashion/photo/yoga extravaganza, she messaged me to ask if I’d be available to shoot some images of her three (ADORABLE IN ALL-CAPS) kids and their “lola,” or grandma in Tagalog. Umm…when would you like me to come over? Haha.

It being an early Sunday morning, I got dropped off at Fé’s place on Bowen Road with a slight headache and trying to figure out how I’d be able to keep my sunglasses on during the photo session to avoid scaring the children away with my giant eye bags. Hey, just being honest here. That feeling didn’t last very long though, as I was met with enthusiasm from Fé’s mom, her husband, Hector, and three babe-a-licious, French-babbling tiny cubs: Tejas, Pia, and Antigone.

Antigone had just celebrated her first birthday the day before, so we tried to get as many shots of her done as possible before it was nap time (it’s tough being a baby!) and while getting six people to all look at the camera at the same time is always a challenge, we managed to do just that and then some over the course of my time spent with this gorgeous bunch.

I have barely started to edit the photos, but just wanted to share a couple with you guys first because I want to swallow Antigone whole…what a precious beauty.

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