Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Beatrice grew up documenting every family vacation, gathering with friends, priceless facial expression, and all the tiny moments in-between, using anything from disposable to digital cameras. She majored in Film & Television Production at New York University; while the moving image will always hold a special place in her heart, she believes her true passion lies in photographing the everyday things and overlooked moments that unfold around her so beautifully and naturally in life.

Her shooting style can be described as playful, quirky, casual, and observant.

When she is not behind the lens, Beatrice can be found on a yoga mat.


  • Loves. Beer. Especially anything Japanese, ending in "Dry" or "Superdry," and Grimbergen Blonde.
  • Loves the smell of fresh babies, especially around their ears.
  • Likes her steaks char-broiled and medium-rare, more on the rare side.
  • Depending on her mood, will either wear bright colours, floral/leopard prints, or all-black.
  • Can't nap. Wishes with all her heart that she could just close her eyes in the middle of the day and sleep. But nope.
  • Enjoys campy horror flicks and slow country western music.

As of 2:08 p.m. on July 17th, 2017 and after living abroad (New York, Hong Kong, Montreal) for a whopping 14 years, Beatrice has finally returned to Toronto, where she is happily based in the east end.

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